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We can supply strings for recurve/olympic bows made by best existing materials and manufactured in professional way to give to the archer the best assurance of constant  performance without any mistke.


  • The material of our strings
    For the string itself, we exclusively use  BCY 8125 in all available colors.
    8125, based  100% on Dyneema in two different formulas,  has shown during the years to be among the top performing products for bow strings.
  • Center serving of our strings
    We exclusively use  BCY  Halo serving material, made  100% by braided Spectra. This material has incredible omogeneity, strenght and resistance to the abrasion. Center serving of our strings is made as standard by Halo in .19 size in various colors, and is extra long, allowing to safely position the kisser button on the serving instead than on the string. 
  • End loops of our strings
    For the end loops serving, we exclusively use  BCY  Halo or 3D materials. The loops have a different size, with the top one larger than the bottom one.
  • Our standard sizes
    Our strings are made meeting AMO standards and are usually available in the folowing sizes:
  • 72" / 70" / 68" / 66" / 64" / 62" / 60" / 58"
    70" +/68" + /66" + / 70" -/ 68" -/ 66" -
  • Strings with + sign are slightly longer than standard, strings with - sign are sligthly shorter than standard.
    Standard sizes does not ever grant compatibility with all existing combinations of risers and limbs. Check on our Compatibility Page if the string you need has to me made specifically for that combination.

  • The number of strands
    Our strings are availbale as standard in 16 and 18 strands version, while strings in White, Red and Black are available in 20 strands, too.
  • Direction of winding
    All our strings are made by clockwise winding for all their parts. This grants top stability to the string servings if tourns are ever applied by clockwise direction (looking to the string from the top loop).
  • Strings made by clockwise windings are usually referred to as "right hand" strings, but this has nothing to do with their usage, and BSI strings are perfectly usable on both right hand and left hand bows.
  • Wax removal
    wax is carefully removed from loops and center serving areas before applying the seving to them. This grants perfect stabilty of the servings on the string.
  • Strings by the order
    We can make strings on exact customer specification. Please refer to the Strings on the order page  for details about how to order them.
  • Compound Strings
    We can make compound strings on request from the customer, fitting all commercially available compound bows, monocam excluded.
    Please refer to the Strings on the order page  for details about how to order them.

  • To order directly our strings, click here !
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